We know you’re busy. We know life gets in the way of your goals. We know at the end of the day it’s hard to find the motivation to workout, or practice yoga.

Movement One is here for you as an motivational online platform and community to provide daily movement inspiration to you – busy people, with busy, active lifestyles.

It doesn’t matter whether the number on the scale drops or stays the same, it doesn’t matter how long you can hold your headstand pose, or how many reps you can do on a weight machine – all that matters is that you MOVE.

Let us move you.

We get it – fitness routines can get boring, right? We are here to offer movement variety and inspiration to keep you moving every single day. Somedays you jump out of bed feeling like you could run a marathon; other days you’d rather just NamaSTAY in bed! No judgements… Whatever type of movement you’re into, we’ve got you covered!

Yoga. Pilates. Stretch. Strength. Run. Breathe… Just Move.

Life is busy. So are you. Just Move.

Karly Melnyk is the founder and creative director behind Movement One Life. With a background in sports rehabilitation, pilates and yoga instruction, strength training and conditioning you will be sure to find something that fits your busy lifestyle. Karly is also a meditation guide and will provide you with the tools you can use when you need to slow life down.

You have come to the right place to live your optimal lifestyle, inclusive of motivation, inspiration, guidance and detailed instruction.

Movement One is all about you finding what moves you, regardless of whether you have an hour to spare, or five minutes.

Life is Busy. So are you. Just Move.

And stay close to whatever moves you!